Visa Visiteur France

Visa Visiteur is a visa for financially independent individuals that gives the ability to stay in France for one year or more.

Basic Requirements

There are some basic requirements and conditions for applicants for this visa.
A minimum of €45,000 in savings for the main applicant is required. For children and partners, the additional amount starts from €25.000.
An obligation not to work in France — that is, not to be employed by a local employer. Working remotely for another country is possible.
Proof of accommodation during your stay in France:
If you own a property in France, you will need a certificate of ownership, proof of paid council tax, and utility receipts for the last 3 months.
If renting, you need to confirm it with a 12-month lease + proof of payment for the 1st month and security deposit. The landlord may be required to provide proof of ownership as well as proof of payment of taxes. Often a guarantor is needed in France.
We can help you find a place to rent and negotiate remotely. It is important to remember that the minimum cost of accommodation for this visa starts at €1,500 per month.
If you live in France for more than 183 days, you become a tax resident and must file a tax return. If you are interested in future citizenship, this must not be overlooked.
Before applying, you have to buy a 12-month insurance policy with medical and related costs. You can then later obtain a "carte vitale" (public medical insurance card) as a resident of France.
For the first year, your visa is the equivalent of a residence card (titre de séjour). Before the end of the first year, you have to extend your stay for the following year and replace your visa with a residence card (titre de séjour).
Learn your chances

Enjoy the Following Opportunities:

Apply for the French citizenship after 5 years of residence in France. It is sufficient to show and prove that you have spent most of your time in the country, you must also submit tax returns and pass a language test at the level B1 at least
Attend free language schools for immigrants
Access to free education for your children
Exchange your foreign driving license for the French one free of charge and without having to go to driving school
Freedom to travel within the EU
Apply for visas for any country (USA, UK, etc.) in France

Mandatory Expenses:

In the case of rented accommodations, you should consider the following costs:
Guarantor’s cover: usually a minimum cost of 1 month's rent
Refundable security deposit: usually equal to 3-6 months of rent
Realtor's commission: usually 1 month's rent
Other expenses:
Consular fee of €99
Residence permit card in France — €225

What You Can Enjoy with Relogate

Full assessment of your chances of being granted this visa
We'll help with renting and getting a guarantor in France, advising and accompanying you through the entire rental process (at an additional cost)
Our team will pick out the best French medical insurance plan for you
All of your documents and case will be translated for the consulate. These documents include:
Scans of all passport pages
Scans of all passports and IDs, if available
Birth certificate
Marriage certificate
Anything that confirms your savings:
Rental agreement
Current work contract
Statements from investment accounts, bank cards, crypto exchanges
A personal motivation letter will be crafted for you, highlighting why you chose France and why you want to live there
We'll create and complete a declaration of socio-economic status for you
Our team will make a document an undertaking that you will not conduct business in France
We will handle filling our your visa application form
In addition to this, we will with all issues before and after the move, providing advice and trusted contacts for everyday issues.

How Long Does It Take?

Relogate Timeline:
On average, it takes us 4-6 weeks to prepare the complete case. The time may be longer due to flat searches in the city you are interested in
Consulate Timeline:
The time limit is not clearly defined, but it is usually a maximum of 2 months. In the case of additional requests for documents, the deadline may be extended

The Cost of Our Services

Fixed rate: for a single payment €3900 for case preparation or €5900 for case preparation + help with the entire rental process
Additional case preparation for your family members is free