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Relocating isn’t just about moving. Our partners specialize in crucial aspects of your journey, from enhancing your public profile to securing employment and health coverage. Together, we can pave the way for your seamless relocation experience.
Visa-Related Services

Public Profile Enhancement

We’ve teamed up with PR services to enhance your chances of securing a visa. Their expertise in boosting public profiles and in general media outreach will increase your visibility and credibility, making your relocation process a success. From articles in various international media sources to judging activities, we’ve got you covered.

Agent Services in the USA

Monroe Management specializes in agent services specific to the O-1 visa so that you're able to work for multiple employers while in the US on the O-1 visa. The team offers extra services for artists and entertainment individuals that want to not only secure their O-1 visa, but also who want to attach an O-2 visa as well.

Setting Up a Business in the USA

With Visa Franchise, you get a one-stop solution for your immigration and business needs, from setting up a business to obtaining E-2 and EB-5 visas. Also, if you are planning to get an O-1 visa, the team can help you establish your own company. Since 2015, Visa Franchise has specialized in assisting professionals and entrepreneurs from 65+ countries in achieving their American Dream.
Post-Relocation Services

Job Search Assistance

Our partners at Agile Fluent are experts in the job search field. They'll help you secure your next professional opportunity in your new home with a polished resume, a five-star LinkedIn profile, and professional interview preparation assistance.

Remote Health Insurance

Our collaboration with SafetyWing offers you comprehensive global health insurance for you and your family. Your well-being is our priority, even across borders. Through Relogate, you get a discount of up to 35% off individual rates for health insurance. Premium plans offer dental, vision, and routine check-ups. Create your policy today!
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