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Relocating to the USA is well known to be a long, complex, and expensive process, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Our mission is to simplify the process and guide you through every step, ensuring your journey to the USA is smooth and successful.
Discover Your US Talent Visa
We specialize in three key US visa categories: O-1, EB-1, and EB-2 NIW
The O-1 visa is suitable for people with extraordinary abilitiy in industries like the arts, sports, science, business, film, etc.

The list of visa holders includes writers, photographers, businessmen, models, make-up artists, programmers, designers, athletes, stylists, hairdressers, and many more.

The main thing is to have real experience and be an expert in your field.


Issued for up to 3 years (with the chance to extend)
Work, live, and travel in the USA
Take your family with you under O-3 dependent visas
Apply later for an EB-1 visa to get a green card
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The EB-1 visa is suitable for professionals with extraordinary abilities, such as outstanding professors and researchers and multinational managers or executives.

The EB-2 NIW visa is intended for people who either have an advanced degree or exceptional ability and whose work would be in the national interest of the United States.


Grants a green card, making you a permanent resident of the US
Gives you a pathway to US citizenship
Work, live, and travel in the USA
Allows you to take your family with you
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Navigating the US Visa Process
The application process with Relogate® takes 3-5 months depending on the visa type and case
1. Consultation & Scoring
Free consultation from Relogate®
Paid consultation with our trusted immigration attorney ($150)
2. Case Preparation
The immigration attorney develops a case strategy and tells you under what criteria you should apply and what documents are needed. Relogate collects the necessary data, requests the available documents, and completes all other necessary documents*. If necessary, we will help you get more publicity (PR and press), deal with employment issues, and meet additional criteria.

Throughout this stage, our team and the immigration attorney are always in touch and ready to answer all your questions.

*Case volume: an O-1 visa — from 500 to 700 pages, an EB visa — from 1500 to 2500 pages
Gathering information
Writing case documents
Formatting all documents
3. Finalization & Submission
The immigration attorney double-checks the entire case and draws up a cover letter.

The purpose of this letter is to provide the immigration officer with the most clear and compact information on your entire case so that they can make the right decision without going through hundreds and thousands of pages. The immigration attorney bundles the case correctly, and then there’s the filling application forms and case submission stages (physically sending the case to the States).
Сhecking the case
Writing an outstanding cover letter
Bundling the case
4. Case Review & Decision
The case is sent to one of two departments (Texas or Nebraska) for review. Based on the results of the review, you will either get an approval or RFE*. If you receive an RFE, the lawyers and our team will respond to the RFE (we charge an additional fee for RFE responses). Finally, the US will issue their final decision, and you'll have to go to the US embassy to obtain the visa (if you apply outside of the USA) or apply for a change of status (if you’re already in the USA).

*Request for evidence
Case is sent to the review department (Texas or Nebraska)
Case review
Response to RFE
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Your US Visa Timeline & Costs
American talent visas can take a lot of time and money to achieve the desired "approved" stamp — some visa holders have spent over $25000 to get one.

Our team makes sure that you save your time, money, and energy.
O-1 Visa
Case preparation:
3-4 months (without publicity boosting)
Final decision:
1-5 months or 15 days with premium processing*
The cost of our services:
Processing fees:
I-129 filing fee
$530 / $1055
depending on the company size
Asylum fee
$300 / $600
depending on the company size
Fees upon approval:
Outside the USA
DOS visa fee
Inside the USA
Change of status
per person, including family members
*Premium processing is optional:
EB-1, EB-2 NIW Visas
Case preparation:
4-5 months (without publicity boosting)
Final decision:
6-12 months or 15/45 days with premium processing**
The cost of our services:
Processing fees:
I-140 filing fee
Asylum fee
$300 / $600
depending on the company size
Medical examination:
>$200 per person
Fees upon approval:
Outside the USA
DOS visa fee
USCIS immigrant fee
Inside the USA
Change of status
per person, including family members
The cost includes a change of status — $1,440 or $950 for children under 14 while applying with a parent, a work permit — $260, and an entry permit — $630.
**Premium processing is optional:
Do you require help or have any questions? Reach out to our team for guidance.
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What Our Clients Say
Hear from those who have entrusted Relogate® for their relocation needs
Why Relogate®?
Choosing us means you don’t have to worry about any paperwork and be torn between several agencies or do it all yourself. You get a one-stop service for all your USA relocation needs.
We write and edit all the necessary documents for your application. We just need a few Zoom calls to collect all the data and discuss your professional experience — that’s it.
Immigration Attorneys
Our network of trusted immigration attorneys will take care of your visa case strategy and all visa-related matters.

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Extra Services*
Our partners can help you boost your publicity, get more PR and press, find a job or an agent, set up a company and more — all to increase your chances of obtaining the visa of your dreams.

*If needed and at additional cost

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Need help with just documents? We’re here to help
Relogate can prepare documents for your O-1, EB-1, or EB-2 NIW case if you already work with an immigration attorney or simply don’t have time to write them.
Full case preparation:
O-1 visa case
EB-1, EB-2 NIW visa cases
Specific professional experience documents:
Business plan
“Portfolio” pack: portfolios, compilation files, etc
€900 per piece
Letters of recommendation, intent, support, cover letter, etc:
1 letter – €275 per letter
(at least 3)
5 letters – €1200
10 letters – €2200
Explanatory notes describing media, reputation, etc:
1 note – €135 per note
(at least 3)
5 notes – €600
10 notes – €1000

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Not sure if you’re eligible? Need more info on a visa? Contact our expert directly to get all the answers.


Relocation Expert

Why do I need an immigration attorney?

Immigration law is complicated
An immigration attorney can tell you what visa path fits your qualifications best
Even the most straightforward US immigration petitions require you to fill out numerous forms and gather supporting evidence. If you make a mistake, your application could be delayed or even refused
The guidelines can be both intricate and occasionally vague, giving rise to numerous misunderstandings

What if I don’t have an immigration attorney?

That's not a problem — we have a network of trusted immigration attorneys who would be thrilled to help.

Can you help me with strengthening my media presence?

We partner with multiple PR agencies that can help you boost your publicity via press and judging. Our PR partners will help you with publications and judging activities.

Can you help me with drafting letters of recommendation, expert opinion letters, or a business plan?

Sure, we help with individual documents for O-1, EB-1, and EB-2 NIW visas, as well as the entire cases.

What if I don’t have a US employer for an O-1 visa?

Our partners can help you find a job or help you set up your own company in the US.

How much will I pay in total for an O-1, EB-1, or EB-2 NIW?

The price for O-1 full service starts at €10000, and EB-1 and EB-2 NIW prices start at €14000. The total price depends on the case and includes the copywriting services of and the services of an immigration attorney.

Why is it better to work on O-1, EB-1, and EB-2 NIW visas with Relogate?

In short, you'll get more services for the same price. You can hire an immigration attorney and pay them from $8000-$10000 for O-1 or $12000-$15000 for EB-1 or EB-2 NIW, and write and edit all the documents yourself. Or we you can save stress with Relogate. With Relogate, you get superior legal advice and strategic consultation from an immigration attorney and have all the application documents written and translated, saving you time and effort.
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