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Why Is An Immigration Attorney Needed?

At Relogate, we understand that the process of global relocation can be complex and challenging.

That's why we have collaborated with trusted immigration attorneys to guide you through every step of your journey. These experienced immigration attorneys are committed to ensuring a smooth and successful transition to your new destination.

US Immigration Attorneys

Founding Attorney Licelle Cobrador is an award-winning first-generation New York lawyer. Licelle completed her LL.M. at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law on a Dean’s Merit Scholarship and then went on to practice in New York.

With several years of experience, Licelle's firm offers high-value and bespoke legal services to help artists, celebrities, creatives, entrepreneurs, and other talented professionals obtain visas and green cards. She currently serves as Filipino American Legal Defense and Education Fund/FALDEF Vice President and Executive Director and volunteer attorney for the Migrant Center of New York.
As the daughter of refugees who immigrated to the USA from Cold War Hungary, Kelly Decsy has a personal passion for helping others achieve their immigration dreams. Kelly represents clients on extraordinary ability visa/green cards (O-1 and EB-1A). Being born and raised in Los Angeles has given her a deep understanding of the entertainment industry and a unique ability to help artists/entertainers get US work visas. Her practice emphasizes a personalized approach, using case strategies tailored to each client's unique individual needs.
Before joining DLG, Kelly worked as a senior trial lawyer at a fast-paced Los Angeles law firm. She received her BA from the University of California at Riverside before earning her Juris Doctorate from Southwestern Law School. As part of her law training, Kelly studied in the United Kingdom through the University of London's International Entertainment Law Program. She has received numerous accolades, including both the prestigious CALI Award and Southwestern Law School's Witkin Award for Academic Excellence.
Powell Immigration Law, PC is a boutique immigration firm located in San Diego, California. The firm practices immigration law exclusively, meaning clients will be served by an immigration attorney with extensive experience in immigration matters pertaining to their case. The firm treats each case with a comprehensive and individualized approach.

Ekaterina Powell is a California-licensed immigration attorney with extensive expertise in US immigration law, having practiced since 2010. Her specific areas of focus include EB-1A Extraordinary Ability Immigrant Petitions, EB-2 National Interest Waivers (NIW), and O-1 Extraordinary Ability Nonimmigrant Work Petitions. Attorney Powell believes that the success of each case depends on careful preparation and an individualized approach to each immigration matter.

UK Attorneys

Halema Malik is the founder and managing partner at White Tiger Immigration, the sister company to an award winning immigration firm. 

She has been a UK immigration lawyer for 10+ years with a Masters in Law. Dealing with all UK inbound visa applications from any country, she has expertise in all UK visas like family visas, visit visas, business visas, and corporate immigration. She has worked for the UK’s biggest immigration companies and pools that experience and knowledge into a client-friendly firm.

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What visas do you work with?

USA — O-1, EB-1, and EB-2 NIW visas

UK — Global Talent visa

France — Passeport Talent, Visa Visiteur, and Student visas

What's included in an immigration attorney's services?

US immigration attorneys:
Consultation for legal information and advice
Determining your eligibility for your desired visa 
Strategic planning for your case 
Case documents review 
Cover letter preparation
Filling out the forms
UK attorneys:
Family reunionification
Application process for unmarried partners
Application process for kids from previous marriages 
Change of visa status

What does the process of working with an immigration attorney and Relogate look like?

Initial consultation with Relogate
Our specialists will tell you about different visa options and more about our services. The initial consultation is free.
Consultation with an immigration attorney
During this consultation, the attorney evaluates your chances for your desired visa and gives recommendations as to how you can strengthen your case if needed. 
Under the immigration attorney’s guidance, we work on your case. The immigration attorney provides legal information and advice, but we are responsible for the case formation. 

*This framework is for US visa cases

How much do immigration attorneys charge for a consultation call?

US immigration attorneys — the special discounted price for Relogate clients is $150/30 minutes. 

UK attorneys — the special discounted price for Relogate clients is £130 (ask us for the link to book a consultation)

How much do immigration attorneys charge?

US immigration attorneys*
O-1 visa: $6,000-$10,000 depending on the case
EB-1 and EB-2 NIW visas: $8,000-$12,000 depending on the case 

*The prices don’t include Relogate’s fees. For Relogate’s clients, immigration attorneys give discounts from 10-40% on their services depending on the case. 

Why is it better to work with Relogate and an immigration attorney?

You will get: 
Professional help with every aspect of your application. Get legal advice and information from the immigration attorney and entrust Relogate with your case documents preparation, thus saving your time and energy.
A one-stop solution. Relogate and the immigration attorneys will take care of all visa-related issues. The most you will ever have to do is just hop on a few calls with us and provide us with some information.

Relogate is not a law firm. We're a turn-key relocation service company.

To provide the best of service, we collaborate with independent immigration attorneys who play a pivotal role in providing personalized legal immigration guidance.

Every Relogate client willing to relocate to the US is paired with a skilled independent immigration attorney contractor and will be required to establish an Attorney Engagement Agreement. This agreement formalizes the attorney-client relationship, ensuring that clients receives personalized legal guidance and thorough legal reviews.

While Relogate works closely with independent immigration attorneys to streamline the relocation process, it's important to note that Relogate respects the autonomy of these legal professionals. Relogate does not seek to interfere with or alter the provision of legal services by independent immigration attorneys, and we do not assume responsibility for the legal advice they provide. This ensures that you receive unbiased, top-quality legal counsel throughout your immigration journey with Relogate.