Global Talent Visa UK

The Global Talent Visa is an immigration path to attract talented individuals to move to Britain.

Who Can Apply?

The visa is specifically designed for outstanding individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skills and achievements in science, art, and IT.

There are two types of visa routes: Exceptional Talent and Exceptional Promise
Talent: the applicant is already an established leader and has made a significant contribution in their field of activity.
Promise: the applicant is an emerging leader and has the potential to become a established leader and contribute to their field.
The visas can be issued for up to 5 years and can be extended eventually.
Learn your chances

Enjoy the Following Opportunities:

Live legally in the UK for up to 5 years. If you wish, you can extend your visa, obtain a permanent residence permit (ILR - indefinite leave to remain), and later apply for citizenship
Work for British companies: this visa automatically gives you permission to work for any company in the UK
Start a business in the country: you can start a project, rent an office, and hire staff
Move to the UK with your family: this visa grants relocation opportunities to your children and spouse
Apply for a Schengen visa in the UK to travel within the EU
Freely leave and enter the UK when you want

Mandatory Expenses:

£524: Tech Nation application fee, payable on submission
£192: visa fee payable if the case is approved when you apply for the visa
£1035/year: IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge) insurance. Paid for when you apply for your visa. You need to have this insurance for the whole duration of your visa
These are the amounts you pay to the British government and Tech Nation.

What You Can Enjoy with Relogate

Free profile scoring and help determining your chances of getting a visa
We'll take charge of building your case from assessing your documents and professional links
Our team will research your public profile to determine whether there is sufficient media coverage of your professional achievements — after all, this is one of the many criteria for approval:
If your public profile is full enough, we can proceed from there
If the public profile is not extensive enough, we will create a plan to enhance it
The team will create a questionnaire for you based on the information you provide to us to fill in the gaps in your profile and documents
Your profile will be assembled into a single story, which we will submit to the Tech Nation
We write and prepare a voluminous pool of documents for submission:
Letters of Recommendation: three letters to be signed by different referees, people who recommend you and confirm your skills and involvement in projects
Acknowledgement Letter: a formal and dry letter about how you participated in conferences or hackathons, spoke at professional events, advised a professional or a company, or contributed to the development of your employer
Appreciation Letter / Thank-You Letter: Similar the previous letter, but with an emphasis on thanking you for taking part in something
Mentor Letter: a personal letter from a person, talking about how you mentored them once
The CFO: the company founder's brief, in which we outline your role in setting up the company, information about the company, its successes and recognition in its field
Clippings: a document outlining your public activity, scope, and professional performance
CV: your current CV, which must match your LinkedIn profile
Personal Statement: a text of up to 1,000 characters with a brief description of the case and you
Cover Letter: if the case is complex, this letter should explain what each document in the case means
All of your official documents will be collected and prepared:
Work contracts
Investment agreements
Certificates of employment
Other documents, depending on the specifics of the case
We will set up several Zoom calls, fill in the submission form together, upload the completed documents, and you'll pay the Tech Nation's submission fee
After this, we'll wait for a response from the Tech Nation. The average processing time is 6-8 weeks. There is no way to speed up the review period.
If the answer is yes, we will send you instructions and guides with help before and after the move
If the answer is no, we will prepare an appeal, and this normally takes 2-3 days

How Long Does It Take?

Relogate Timeline:
If you have a good public profile, we can build the case within 3-4 weeks
If your public profile requires improvement, we can still build your case in 3-4 weeks, but your profile enhancement can take 1-4 months to build, depending on the amount of work required
Tech Nation Timeline:
The average processing time is 6-8 weeks. Sometimes it can take 2 weeks, and sometimes it can take 10 weeks. This only depends on Tech Nation's workload, and there is no way to influence the timeframe

The Cost of Our Services

Fixed rate: €4900 in one single payment
Guides and instructions for your family members' applications are included in the price

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