Student Visa France

Student Visa (Visa étudiant) is a visa for people who want to study at a French educational institution and live in France

Types & Requirements

This particular visa can be obtained for studies at a public or private educational institution. The type of visa does not change, but the procedure is different.
Public education:
Education in France at state universities is free of charge
To study for free, you will have to do it in French
If you have at least a B2 level of the language, it will be fairly easy to enter the less demanding faculties. In some cases (e.g. the most prestigious universities and faculties), you may need a C1 level
You should start applying for a student visa in autumn of the previous year so that you can apply and receive your visa the following autumn:
Early in the year: receive an approval
Summer: get the visa issued
Autumn: start your studies
The visa application is made through Campus France
Private educational institutions:
There are usually 2 start dates (autumn and winter)
You can select a program in English
To apply, contact your chosen university or business school directly
Preparing for the interview before admission is an important step. A questionnaire and a letter of motivation are always required before the interview.
Tuition fees vary depending on the prestige of the institution and the program itself. It can be anywhere from €3,000 a year at some institutions to €100,000 a year at INSEAD, for example
In addition to enrolling in a university and getting approval from the Campus France, the visa application requirements include proof of sufficient funds to live in France during your studies. This can be either your own funds or a letter of sponsorship (e.g. from your parents) for your accommodation and other living expenses. Although the requirements are officially low, it is recommended to show at least €1100 per month for the first year.

Students in France have the right to work part-time. However, you cannot work more than 20 hours a week.

If you want to stay in France after your studies, you need to work out a strategy. After completing your studies, the next steps for obtaining a residence permit and French citizenship are vastly different. The deadlines for obtaining French nationality and the conditions are also different.

We prepare not only a dossier for obtaining a student visa, but also a comprehensive strategy that will allow you to obtain permanent residence or French nationality in the future.

Who Can Apply?

There are no restrictions. Anyone who wants to study in France can do so.
Learn your chances

Enjoy the Following Opportunities:

Work up to 20 hours a week or more. French law does not limit the number of hours per week, but the number of hours worked per year. It is therefore theoretically possible to work less during the school year if you wish and to work a full working week, which is 35 hours in France, during holidays
Public health insurance
Apply for citizenship after a certain number of years of residence, depending on your study program and future career
Freedom to travel within the EU

Mandatory Expenses:

Consular fee of €99
Campus France fee
Health insurance

What You Can Enjoy with Relogate

Our team will make a full assessment of your chances of obtaining this visa
We will provide a selection of institutions and training program according to your profile
We will fill out your profile on Campus France
Our team will create a tailored plan, based on your chosen route:
If it is a public university, we will process the necessary documents and be in touch at all stages of visa application and approval
If it is a private university, we will find representatives in the faculty and in the university, help you with the full application process, and translate all your documents
Help with everyday matters after your move: rent, insurance, driving license, and other important issues

How Long Does It Take?

Relogate Timeline
The time frame depends on your program and profile:
Preparing your case for studying at state universities through Campus France starts in autumn and obtaining your visa in the following summer.
If you choose to study at a private institution, it takes 2-3 months. The time depends on the speed at which the institution reviews your application.
Consular deadlines:
Up to 60 days

The Cost of Our Services

For an all-encompassing package, the price is €4900